Work4Builders FAQs

How Do I Post A Job?

On the homepage, please click onto the "Post a job" button and follow the online instructions. Complete the job page and your details and please remember to give as much information within your job posting as possible. The more information you provide, the better informed the builder or tradesman will be to provide you with an accurate price for your work. You can post as many jobs as you want and it’s totally FREE!

How much does it cost? Is it really free?

There are no charges whatsoever associated with you posting a job. It really is totally free!

Does it matter about the size of the job?

It really doesn't matter - no job is too small, or too big!

How will I receive my quotes and/or levels of interest?

You will receive your job quotes and/or levels of interest via automatic email notification. The quotes will also be posted on your job page.

How do I give feedback?

Any feedback should be emailed to Work4Builders.

How does the feedback work?

You provide Work4Builders with a small assessment statement on your completed job together. We may then display this feedback on the front page of the website.


How do I contact Work4Builders?

You can contact Work4Builders via the following options:

1. Email -

2. Telephone - 01267 235 554  (Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm)

3. Write via snail mail - Work4Builders, 20 Blue Street, Top Floor Offices, Carmarthen SA31 3LE

Is my account information safe?

Absolutely, your account and personal information is totally safe and will never be given out to third parties. If you have any concerns please read our Privacy Policy and or contact us directly via

If I post a job am I legally bound to employ a builder via Work4Builders?

No, absolutely not! If you are not happy with the quotes submitted via Work4Builders you do not have to engage or contract with the builder or tradesman. There is no legal requirement whatsoever for you to employ any builder via Work4Builders.

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